Welcome to futurelondon! It may please you to know that I have rewritten my bio because 15 year old me was cringy-er than Sycamore's haircut and Luke's American voice over combined. As you may have guessed, this is [pretty much] a Professor Layton blog mah boi, so if you're more of a Doctor Lautrec fan you can leave now. My art blog is www.firedwarf.tumblr.com in case you're interested, but I've just started it so it's kinda lame but I'm kinda lame so... yeah! Thanks for reading this crap, I appreciate it. Now without further ado, I have fictional deaths to cry over. FOR THE YAAAAAAAAAAARD! hit counter
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  • No doubt my favourite Layton character (along with the Professor and Luke of course) in the series. She’s a remarkably intelligent physicist since she worked on projects as vast and complex as time travel but she is also a warm, loving, motherly figure, which was proven when she looked past Clive’s transgressions and proceeded to save his life because he was still a human being; she is also probably the strongest, bravest character in the entire series.

    You could argue that Layton is the bravest because he runs headlong into danger everyday, regardless of what could happen to him, because of his thirst for knowledge and truth, or you could say that Emmy is the bravest because she is always beating up thugs and kickboxing her way out of trouble. However, none of them stared death in the face. Claire was entirely aware of her fate and not once did she break down. She kept her composure, she did not complain about the injustice of it all, about how her life was squandered by some power hungry, selfish, greed ridden politician. No. She picked herself up and dedicated the last remaining moments of her life to saving other’s lives. She not only saved the lives of millions of Londoners with her knowledge of physics, but she also gave up her most prized possession to save the life of a man who destroyed hers. That, in my opinion, is a true hero. I doubt Layton will love anyone else half as much. 

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